To help save the environment and keep our prices low, housekeeping only comes in on every third day of your stay.

No smoking in the rooms. When smoking outside use the pots provided at your doors as ashtrays. There will be a $50 fine for smoking in the rooms.

Pool hours are 8am to 10pm, unless prior arrangements have been made.

No lifeguard on duty, swim at your on risk.

If you are going to want or need a pool or lake towel you need to bring one. If you take a room towel to the pool or lake and it is stained or ruined we will charge you for the towel.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS of any sort allowed at the pools.

You will be held responsible for any damages or theft if YOU reserved or paid for the rooms. If you reserved for someone else and they damage or steal your credit card will be charged.

DO NOT CLEAN YOUR FISH HERE, if you are caught cleaning your fish on our properties you will be charged a fine of $50, which may seem harsh, but we have to live with the dead rotting fish smell, while you just get to go home.

 Pets must be leashed at all times and you must clean up after them. They cannot be a nuisance to other guests. For example: If you leave your dog(s) in the room and they bark continuously you will be asked to find other facilities for them.